Best Actress – Winner

NYC Horror Film Festival
New Orleans Horror Film Festival
Miami International Sci-Fi Film Festival
Tucson Terror Festival
Dead Walk Film Festival

Best Actress – Nomination

Bare Bones International Independent Film & Music Festival

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Latest News

  • JUST WRAPPED FILMING – Sara will appear in Dissolved Partnership Productions hilarious new action comedy “Uber Getaway Driver” playing Short Stack – a frustrated mobster.
  • JUST WRAPPED FILMING – Sara will appear in indie horror short “Sweet 16” with Blastfurnace Media. She may or may not suffer a horrifically hilarious onscreen death.
  • EXTENDED DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND: Sara appears in F— MY LIFE, a new play by Danny Bernardo, at Hollywood Fringe 2016.


  • Sara filled in last minute around a table read of “Different Flowers“, a sweet dramady. What a lovely group of people and a fantastic script. Can’t wait to see the final film!
  • Sara assisted with casting Blastfurnace Media’s upcoming short film “Sweet 16”.
  • Sara interviewed some of LA’s finest metal bands including Nekrogoblikon for Blastfurnace Media.
  • Performed the role of Anne in Route 66 Theatre Company’s reading of Mat Smart’s poignant and beautiful new play Naperville.
  • Performed the role of  Vivika in a staged reading of Todd Bauer’s charming play Touch Tour, at the Greenhouse Theatre.
  • Performed the role of  Winter in a reading of Todd Bauer’s intense Katabatic Wind, at the Newberry Library.